Tourist Events in Singapore

Singapore has a wide popularity among its tourists. To keep the tourists 
reinvigorated in the attractions of Singapore, the Singapore tourism board along 
with other organizations hosts range of functions to keep all the tourists updated 
about the events. Some of these events are Chingay Parade, Singapore Arts 
Festival, Singapore Garden Festival, Singapore Food Festival, Singapore Grand Prix 
and Youth Olympics Games etc. All these range of events are meant to attract 
more tourists from all around the world. Nowadays, photo sharing on Facebook, 
Twitter, Picasso along with other social media and blogging sites has made it easier 
for Singapore Tourism Board to advert its promotional schemes along with discount 
in shopping & accommodation. If you like to take a short break, you may take quick
buses from Singapore to Genting to enjoy yourself there. There are many buses from bus companies like 707, Citiexchange, Konsortium Penang, KKKL AS Enterprise, Qistna Express, Sri Maju, Starmart Express, Transnasional,  Pelangi Express, Perak Transit, Maraliner that travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor which connects you to Genting Highlands at the end.
Moreover, people attending such events are encouraged to visit all the other events 
in order to be eligible for lucky draw contest. The winner of the lucky draw contest 
generally wins a weeklong holiday trip in Singapore along with free travel & 
accommodation for convenience of the tourist. Such events or contests attract 
millions of tourists each year to Singapore. The Singapore Tourism Board is one of 
the active organizations which worked dedicatedly over all these years to uplift the 
global image of Singapore as one of the premier holiday destination. 
The Chingay Parade is one such event in which all the citizens participate with full 
zeal & enthusiasm. This parade takes place in both Singapore & Malaysia. It is 
generally classified as a street parade which celebrates the birthday of Chinese 
deities along with Goddess of Mercy also known as Guanyin. Mostly people of 
Chinese origins along with Malays take in the parade wearing various designed 
costumes along with Chinese Dragon. The dragon in Chinese mythology is seen as 
a good luck sign with the win of good over evil. The parade mostly flaunts red 
color in accordance with the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The origin of this 
procession goes back to more than 100 years ago when performers showed their 
skills on the streets carrying flags & deities.  
Singapore Arts Festival is another great event which is hosted by the National Arts 
Council. It involves dance, music, visual arts & theater etc. The participants in the 
Singapore arts festival showcase their talents with dedication & hard work. They 
are often applauded for their performance in various shows. Each year the 
Singapore arts festival chooses a theme for its performing artists. The themes are 
chosen wisely in accordance with the group performing that particular act. 
The Singapore Garden Festival is one of the crucial attractions for tourists which 
showcases award winning floor designs along with gardens. This festival is hosted 
jointly by the National Parks Board & Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of 
Singapore. For past few years, the Singapore Garden Festival has been a roaring 
success. It has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the globe who came 
here to see the amazing garden designs, landscape designs, floral display etc. 
People from all over the world have applauded these artists who showcase their 
talents in this festival.  

Day Trip in Labuan Island


The Island of Borneo makes Malaysia even more beautiful. And what makes Borneo beautiful? The small nation of Brunei has its presence in Borneo. The beauty of Brunei is well appreciated by the flocking of tourists who love to pay a visit here. The serene beaches and the enriching rainforests are really a wonder.

Another such fairy land is present in Malaysia. This is the territory of Labuan. The services related to finance, gas and oil are what makes this part of Malaysia distinctive from the rest. These services don’t restrict tourists from coming and enjoying themselves in here.


If you want to avail the services from Labuan to Brunei ferry, you need to set your arrival point as Labuan Ferry Terminal. There is only one ferry that navigates between the two points. It is scheduled at 8 o clock in the morning. The company offering the services is Seri Anna. It has a capacity of 28 persons in one go. You will be charged at a rate of 25 Singapore Dollars for a ride, per person. The cost is after taking into consideration the taxable measures and also any other miscellaneous factors which might be there.

If you have already fixed your date of travel and have started to make the necessary arrangements to satisfy your plan, don’t think twice. Just visit the website of and book your ferry tickets at the earliest like previously we are getting a ferry to bintan tickets and book one week earlier. Once the payment is confirmation is done, you will receive a ferry ticket issued at the website itself. A copy of the same is also mailed.


There are certain unique features that you will get to enjoy on your ferry trip from Labuan to Brunei. The company looks to it that passengers are transported properly within their maximum comfort zones; that too at a very competitive price. The mode of transportation also provides fast access to Labuan. Compared to ferries from other zones, the capacity if Seri Anna ferry is quite high. From helpdesk to the ticket counter, you will have all facilities at the Labuan terminal. You will be receiving your boarding pass after boarding the ferry from Labuan. All detailed instructions are also provided thereafter.

If you are having the slightest doubt about why to go for a ferry when there are plenty of options, you should know that travelling via ferry has its own set of quality advantages. Firstly, there is a certain section of travelers who feel the whole process of airports and planes to be very stressful. Firstly, there is often a long queue in which you need to be in and secondly, the difference in charges can be quite noticeable as well. Then there are the periodical checks and scans which you need to undergo if boarding a flight.

Some people even believe that it is more relaxing to be in a ferry rather than an airport.